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Work. Life. Play.

Karen Frontin is a highly qualified hospitality industry professional. For many years she has had the distinct pleasure of providing clients with the highest level of care they have come to expect, she can now provide you the same. Karen’s discerning taste, warm personality and can do attitude has lead her to work with various international high profile executives, heads of state, professional athletes and celebrities. Karen thrives on creativity and logistical planning. Her added flair for providing personalized touches has enabled her to create a solid client-based business that reflects her strengths and values.


Mission Statement

At Uptown Life Concierge we believe “ talk is cheap “ and have committed our resources to providing ease and excellence to everyone we assist . In conjunction, we pride ourselves on having a remarkable team to whom we promise continuous improvement through training and development. Collectively, this will foster impeccable service to our clients , skill development to team members and profitability to the brand.

Our Core Values

  1. We will be well presented at all times

  2. Enter each interaction with tact

  3. Uphold our confidentiality agreements by being discreet at all times

  4. Effective problem solving that capitalizes on satisfaction to the client and the brand

  5. Engage with all clients and team members with respect and integrity

  • What is Uptown Life Concierge?
    Uptown Life Concierge is an extension of the hotel or residential concierges. They are focused on lifestyle management , providing corporate and personal solutions to your busy lifestyle. Services from walking your furry friend to booking luxurious travel experiences we provide the highest level of integrity and service . As we assist you with work , play and relaxation we spend time on the logistics while you spend time on things that matter to you MOST. We help you thrive!
  • Who is a concierge?
    The definition of a concierge has evolved over the years and encompass many different areas of responsibility, for example the security component of residential buildings and condominiums. However, the indisputable fact is that the concierge is the “ caretaker’’ of those placed in their care from hotel guests to residents . They make reservations at restaurants ,book flights , ground transportation , arrange to have packages/ parcels sent out , obtain tickets to events and arrange pet care. These just name a few of the responsibilities of the concierge but doesn’t begin to scratch the tip of the iceberg.
  • Who is a Clef d’Or Concierge?
    Clefs d’Or is a professional organization of concierges who through the motto “In Service through Friendship” strive to make all the impossible request of guests POSSIBLE. These professionals can be identified with the crossed golden keys on their lapels.
  • Who is an Uptowner?
    An uptowner is a loyal client to Uptown Life Concierge. Uptowners are privy to priority care and special tactical time offers.
  • What are the methods of payment accepted?
    At Uptown Life Concierge e-transfer is preferred. However, cheques, wire transfers and credit cards are accepted.
  • Does Uptown Life Concierge have insurance?
    Yes, we can provide further details if needed.
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