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September is more friend than foe

For All You Uptowners

The last time you heard from us was on June 2nd, just prior to Father's Day. We have taken the summer to sit, swim, sip, socialize and sort some things out. Yes, here at Uptown Life Concierge we assist with decluttering and sorting through items or clients haven't seen in years, then decide what we need to donate, discard or keep. Now we feel lighter and find ourselves reflecting on what many are considering the end of summer and the arrival of September, the month dreaded by many. The kids are finally back to a school routine (yay!).

It also means, winter is just around the corner.

September Backstory

Did you know September's name comes from the Latin word Septem meaning seven? This month was originally the seventh month of the early Roman calendar. In addition, in Old England, September was called harvest month. This is the time to gather up the harvest in preparation for the winter months, how cool is this?

How can we help?

Although we might not be gathering up the harvest, this does not mean Uptown Life Concierge can't help you get ready for winter by assisting with closing up the cottage or another mission of decluttering while we pull out our winter garments. Yes, we can help you with getting your winter collection dry cleaned and put back into fashion circulation. We can also suggest a landscaper to help with those leaves while transitioning your yard from summer to fall.

Special Dates

The above sounds serious, so it's nice to know there are some fun dates associated with September. For example " Just for fun " days

September is National Happy Cat Month

September 11th - National hug your hound day

September 13th - Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

September 19th - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 24th - National Punctuation Day

Fall Clothing

September is also the month in which we start to consider our fall wardrobe. Our Fashion Guide to shopping for Fall 2022 season in Canada has informed us that colour trends are still very neutral. However, jewel tones are making their way into the fall season. Brown, all shades of brown are predominant for the fall season. Shackets are still a thing coming from many different colours and lengths in patterns and solids. For any personal shopping needed, Uptown Life Concierge is there for you.

September on Toronto

September is also the month in which our beautiful Toronto will be hosting the Toronto Film Festival (September 8th -18th 2022). Let's see which celebrities we will spot on our streets...let's show them the hospitality we are known for. By the way , some celebrity September birthdays include : Adam Sandler, Beyonce, Selma Hayek, Idris Alba, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Nick Jonas, Colin Firth .

More Friend than Foe

So I think it is safe to say September is more friend than foe!

Oh! the good, kind month of September! It giveth the poor The growth of the moor And young and old 'Mong sheaves of gold Go gleaning in rich September!

Mary Howitt ( 1799-1888) - An English Poet

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